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Wake Up Wells

Wake Up Wells - Community Day & Lantern Parade

Wells Community Day - Saturday 26th January 2019

A brilliant response to our invitation to local groups and organisations to get involved in the Wake Up Wells Community Day. It's truly going to be a day to remember.

Over one hundred stalls will be displaying their extraordinary range of diverse offerings, from right across the local community

At the same time, you can enjoy a day full of performances on the Sanctuary and in the Chapter House including Dance, Jazz, Theatre, Classical Music, Circus skills, Drumming, Clog Dancing, Choirs and Pom Poms ... to name but a few.

In Speaker's Corner, several organisations will share what they are doing in Wells and you'll be offered a whole range of workshops.

The Day will end with everyone joining in the magical Wake Up Wells Lantern Parade, accompanied by a small samba band with refreshments awaiting your arrival in the Bishop's Barn. The Parade has been kindly supported by Somerset Skills and Learning. For more information about lantern-making workshops click here.

We are extremely grateful to the Wells Cathedral Chapter, Wells & Mendip Museum, Mendip District and Wells City Councils, Somerset Skills & Learning for gifting us the use of their venues for this community event.

We are working with Plastic Free Wells at this event to encourage creative thinking around waste. So please take your rubbish home with you or use the recycling bins provided on the day.



Wake Up Wells - What Are We Trying To Do?


I am sure that many of you participate in discussions on the internet - perhaps following the local community groups on Facebook – and in conversations on the High Street and around Wells. Recently you may have noticed the enthusiasm of many voices expressing their concerns and dreams for a range of local issues.

As a result, a cross community group calling itself Wake Up Wells, has decided to try to capture the momentum with a vision of deepening communication and relationships within the community.

We are arranging a series of interactions and events that are designed to result in changes in the way that people work together – and which allow the communities energies to be directed at the issues that matter

Motivation and objectives

We are not starting with a “plan” and trying to sell it – we are interested in having a real conversation in Wells around the issues that matter to the community

For example, issues emerging on Facebook have included involving housing and infrastructure, the High Street, the new school uniform at the Blue School, dog poo and the future of Wells for teenagers.

We want to discover what the Big Dream is for the future of Wells!

During the bid for Wells to become the City of Culture in 2021 the proposals focussed on using culture to address challenges such as opportunities for young people, isolation and loneliness – especially within the elderly, the role of volunteering and growing tourism in a sustainable way

Focussing primarily on our community, rather than visitors, we also want to explore the future of our High Street, Environmental Issues, Enterprise and Education

But the exciting thing is that by engaging with the people of Wells, different ideas and perspectives are emerging that enhance the debate and offer possibilities that have not been tried before

So what are we actually going to do?

First, we are going to try to discover what people think about a range of issues by launching a questionnaire survey. In fact, two questionnaires – one specifically aimed at young people

Next we want to get organisations and key stakeholders together at a community stakeholders conference which will be held at the Town Hall on Sunday 7 October. This will be an opportunity to connect and collaborate – and for discussion informed by the survey feedback

Thirdly, we are organising a community celebration day to showcase all that is great about Wells. This will take place on Saturday 26 January 2019, in the nave of our magnificent cathedral (at a time when all the chairs will have been removed for the big clean)

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