Information for the Residents of Wells

John Crispin

My name is John Crispin and I work for the R.S.P.B as a Volunteer. My main involvement is carrying out surveys on R.S.P.B Ham Wall Reserve, I also a lead the Guided Walks on Ham Wall reserve. Away from Ham Wall I am also part of the surveying team for the Common Crane (Grus Grus) which are being re-introduced to the Levels & Moors of Somerset. Click here for the Great Crane Project website

My grounding is in Birds, to which I have many years experience, I am also interested in the biology and physiology of the Avian species. I use this experience in my photography, to try and capture any behaviour or traits within the species I am photographing.

The following selection of photographs were all taken on local R.S.P.B reserves, but mainly the Ham Wall Reserve.


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