Information for the Residents of Wells

Caroline Shipsey - Landscape Photographer

Mendip Roost, Priddy, Wells, BA5 3AR, Tel: 01749 671167 or Mob: 07769 278957

I've been an enthusiastic photographer for many years and have had some great experiences and success along the way. I'm a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society, my photos have been featured in 3 published books, and multiple galleries and shops successfully have sold my cards and prints. I've also undertaken a wide variety of commissioned work.

My goals include sharing my knowledge, to inspire and encourage people who need help to achieve their aims whether new to photography or more experienced - there is always something new to discover.

My personal photography is centered around the countryside - landscapes, flora and fauna, country life, traditional crafts and occupations, and my dogs! I just love nature, never ceasing to be amazed and inspired. I enjoy documenting life around the Mendip Hills area where I live, I continue to do this and value the contacts I make along the way.

All images are available for purchase from my website (below) as digital downloads - you can then have them printed according to your own requirements of size and finish.

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