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Mendip Martial Gym
Haydon Drove

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The UK Wing Chun Academy's lineage descends directly from Grandmaster Ip Chun; the eldest son of the late Yip Man, who was responsible for bringing Wing Chun to the forefront of popular martial arts. Both Sifu Karl Stanley, and Sifu Steve Buckland (Shanghai) were certified in Hong Kong as instructors for both the Ip Chun Academy and the Ving Tsun Athletic Association. The UK Wing Chun Academy holds this link uniquely in the South West, as Sifu Karl and Sifu Steve are the only certified instructors for the Ip Chun Academy in the region. The academy maintains regular contact with instructors from Hong Kong alongside hosting seminars with them here in the UK

Visit the website or contact 07970 038948 (Sifu Karl Stanley)

Lat/Long : 51.232051, -2.595177

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