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The Connect Centre is a multi-purpose facility for the whole community. At the hub is the commitment and means to develop effective relationships between people and organisations to make a difference in and around Wells.

There is agreement that one of the biggest challenges facing us is the lack of community cohesion. This is often represented by increasing isolation and a lack of awareness of one another’s pressures and struggles. In a semi rural setting it can be hard to access the right kind of support and even answers to the most basic of issues.

The Connect Centre is a safe place where we encourage one another to ‘connect’. We share skills, time and resources to make a difference in people lives.

At one level the building offers a great venue for events, but at the next level we want your event to impact lives. By connecting you with other we create the potential for real change in our community.

Mission Statement: Connect Elim is about participating in community life. We all have something we can give and we all have something we need. More than a community project, Connect Elim is about the discovery of hope, meaning and strength through the connecting of our lives.



Lat/Long : 51.208607, -2.652300

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