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End Loneliness In MendipEnd Loneliness In Mendip

Help reduce loneliness for older people in Mendip. Help spread the word about support that is available. Find out about volunteering opportunities. Pledge an action as an individual or an organisation. We may not have the answer but together we can make a difference.

A Mendip GP has got individuals and organisations together to see how we can try to help end loneliness in Mendip.

“Loneliness is a widespread and largely hidden problem but is the root of much personal misery as well as being linked to poor mental and physical health. Recognising this as a growing issue in Mendip, a number of organisations have agreed to work collectively to highlight the issue and reduce loneliness wherever possible. This website developed by Health Connections Mendip aims to bring together as many contacts and as possible into one place so that anybody can find details of local resources and volunteering opportunities so we can all help in the fight against loneliness in our communities.”

Dr Geoff Sharp

We are trying to get as many people in Mendip as possible to ​​pledge an action. We may not have the answer but together we can make a difference. Click on the ‘Pledge and Action’ page to see the organisations involved so far.

We also have a list of the services that might be useful for older people who might be lonely – please pass this on to people who may find it useful.

You will also find a list of volunteering opportunities for services that support older people who might be isolated. Please pass this on to people who want to volunteer some time.

The Mendip LIG (Local Implementation Group) has set this website up to try to help End Loneliness in Mendip in association with The Campaign to End Loneliness. You can find further details at www.campaigntoendloneliness.org. The views expressed on this website may not necessarily be the views of the Campaign to End Loneliness’.

Social Isolation and Loneliness

Social isolation and loneliness are key factors contributing to health and wellbeing, of older people in particular. The rising older population means more individuals are experiencing loneliness. This is particularly relevant to Somerset with its relatively high proportion of older people.

Visit the website: pledge an action, volunteer and spread the word on the services that are available

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