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Wells In MosaicWells In MosaicWells In MosaicWells In Mosaic

A 6m diameter, circular mosaic map & historical record of Wells, using approx 500 000 tiles!

About the Wells In Mosaic Project...
We'd like to create a fantastic, unique piece of public art in Wells that will last many generations. The beauty of this piece is that, as well as being a beautiful piece of art in its own right, it will be of interest to locals and tourists alike, as the artwork will include a large scale map of central Wells along with many historical facts about our beautiful city.

The circular mosaic will cover almost 30 square metres and use approx 500 000 mosaic tiles! It will be designed to be used by people, walked over and played on; basically being robust enough to be treated like any other part of the lawn; it can even be driven over. There's no reason it won't last as long as the famous Roman mosaics!

It will be designed and made by local mosaic artist, Ruth Ames-White with help, we hope, from many tile-cutting friends. We have all relevant permissions and agreements in place (with just planning permission awaiting a date) and are now at the point where we need funding to get it started properly. We estimate the total cost (including ongoing annual cleaning/maintenance) to be around £70,000, but we will be applying for grants to try and cover at least half of this.

We have not released a final picture of the design, as that takes a considerable amount of work and therefore cannot be completed fully until we have some funding in place (athough we would want to keep the fine detail 'secret' until the mosaic opening event). But we will be releasing snippets throughout the project.

Please help us to make this beautiful work of art a reality for many generations to come, and also give Wells something more than the Cathedral for drawing in tourists. If every household in Wells gave just £5, we'd have this portion covered fully! Who knows, this may be the first of many such projects in Wells...we certainly hope so.

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