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13 Chamberlain Street
07976 710016

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Theatresaurus holds various youth theatre classes held in Central Wells.

Theatresaurus workshops, clubs and courses have been running for 9 years

Weekly drama clubs and holiday courses, Private coaching for auditions, Communication skills, Speech and drama exam coaching, Stage combat, Working with Shakespeare’s text, One day workshops on a variety of themes with book clubs, teachers and schools.

Theatresaurus operates an equal opportunities policy. Please contact us for details

The response to all our courses and clubs, from both parents and children has been effusive. The parent of 7 year old Alexei who performed in Macbeth said “I was extremely impressed by the performance and the approach of not dumbing down the text, even for the youngest children. You have enhanced his culture”. Katy Weir, an actress and director who directed Macbeth with the 4 – 10 year olds said “What interest do a bunch of kids have in Macbeth? I hear you say. Well, a lot it turns out…..there is something definitely remarkable about hearing an 8 year old recite the dagger soliloquy. I am always a strong believer that you can learn something from everybody and I think this is definitely true as an 8 year old goes on instinct, as opposed to trying to grapple with an in-depth analysis of the text.”


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