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Wells and Mendip Astronomers

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Wells and Mendip Astronomers

The Wells & Mendip Astronomers was set up in 2013 and now has over 70 paid members and they meet regularly, and have a packed calendar of events.

The WMA are passionate on astronomy outreach, with members regularly participating in events around the country to promote this fascinating subject.

The group membership is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds, and has an extremely diverse knowledge and skill base.

Our "astronomical home" moves between the Wells & Mendip Museum, and the Charterhouse Observatory, with its recently renovated 18.25" observatory.

Its main aims are to help further the interests of its members in astronomy, space exploration and technology, and to enable the wider public to develop an awareness of these fascinating and rapidly developing fields, through a wide range of activies and events.

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Lat/Long : 51.210859, -2.644299

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