Information for the Residents of Wells

Wells Bid for City of Culture 2021

Wells Bid for City of Culture 2021

Wells, the smallest city in England, with its rich and vibrant cultural heritage and unique historical and natural setting, is a candidate city for City of Culture 2021 and has started the process of putting together its bid for this quadrennial competition. The bid will deliver a programme centred on the City of Wells in Somerset but will comprise partnerships across the city, with neighbouring towns and across the surrounding rural area. Local institutions and events, businesses and local councils and our festivals, artists and carnivals will all be working together to develop an exciting programme for the bid.

Residents of Wells and the surrounding area can get behind the campaign in several ways: the Facebook page www.facebook.com/WellsCoC2021 or the Twitter page www.twitter.com/WellsCoC2021 or email info@wellscityofculture.com, and post comments, pictures, ideas and encouragement for the bid!

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